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Let the Experts Handle Your Move to Synthesis

After months or years of publishing content to your WordPress site, the backend can start to resemble those old storage shelves and hidden corners in the garage. Often, it’s not until you try to move that you discover you’ve got a mess on your hands.

Plugins you no longer use, abandoned directories, the work of developers and designers that helped build your site over the years – all these, and more, can create serious security, performance, and operational troubles.

This is why Synthesis has partnered with the migration experts at Fantasktic: to provide affordable, full-service migrations to ease your transition to Synthesis.

“I’ve worked with countless web hosts over the years, knowing that each time I migrate from one provider to another, it’s going to be painful. With Synthesis, that migration pain never came — leaving me with time to focus on what I do best: run my business, not rule the infrastructure that enables me to run my business. I wish they were around in 1996 when I started. Could’ve saved me a lot of resources!”

Migrations for $99 Get Started with Synthesis

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All Synthesis sites immediately begin receiving daily server-side malware scans.

Security Audit

Backdoor Removal

Full security scan identifying and removing of security breaches and backdoors.

Vulnerability Removal

Identification and lockdown of vulnerabilities.

Security Audit Report

Site De-hacking

Malware Removal

Complete removal of malware.


Sucuri scanning.


Guarantee of malware free.

Migrations for $99 Get Started with Synthesis

Already a Synthesis user? Migrate Now