What is ‘Managed WordPress Hosting’ by Synthesis?

When you sign up and pay a premium for managed WordPress hosting, you know that you are getting a server stack tuned for WordPress performance and security features that address areas where WordPress is naturally vulnerable.

That’s a given. (Or at least should be.)

And your host should be constantly upgrading its offering without raising prices, thus giving you more value for your hosting dollar. Innovations like…

But what about support?

What requests can you bring to the Help Desk and expect to be handled fully from start from finish? What requests can you just expect guidance or advice on?

Here is what you can expect from Synthesis.


Full Support

There are certain standard features that your managed WordPress host should take full responsibility for owning. These are all of the components necessary for your server to be up and responsive.

This includes full management, optimization, and support responsibility for Linux, NGINX, Apache, PHP, and MySQL.

You don’t want to be a network admin. That’s why you pay a premium for managed hosting. Full management of these components is the absolute bare minimum a managed host should provide.

Troubleshooting, Best Practice Advice, and Custom Configs

We cannot provide full support for customizations that you or your developer make to your WordPress install, or for plugins that we did not write.

But we will offer best practice advice, provide basic troubleshooting, and implement custom configurations where necessary.

Tutorials, Information, and Bug Fixes

Everyone who works in our Help Desk is an experienced WordPress expert. This allows us to provide tutorials, information, and bug fixes for basic performance tuning and core WordPress features.

We can, of course, do the same for Copyblogger products like StudioPress themes, Scribe, and Premise.

No Support

What we cannot support are non-Genesis themes or PHP apps like vBulletin, WishLIst, aMember, etc, which have their own support teams.

We’ll provide you with the environment to use the above, implementing certain custom configs where necessary, but setup, troubleshooting, and management is your (or their) responsibility.

* – When it comes to SEO, “no support” is perhaps a mischaracterization as we do include Scribe for Synthesis with every Synthesis account. But you are responsible for strategy implementation and any third-party SEO tools you use.

Managed Hosting by Synthesis

We are committed to giving you the greatest managed WordPress hosting environment on the web.

We do this by sticking closely to our core competencies and communicating effectively so you always know what to expect from us.

We will cheerfully and expediently support our areas of responsibility, and we’ll point you in the right direction for requests outside of our purview.

We take great pride in treating every site we host as if it were our own. Trust that we’ll do this for yours too. Ultimately, that is the best definition of what “managed hosting” should be.

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