How to Radically Improve the Performance of Your WordPress Website

And Why You May Not Need Everything You’re Being Sold

Improving your WordPress website’s performance is simple … but not necessarily easy..

It’s simple because the solution that actually works is only four words long …

But excellent WordPress performance is not easy because you are constantly being sold “solutions” you don’t need.

It’s time to purify – to literally remove contaminants from – WordPress performance strategy.

“I’m positively BLOWN AWAY by this performance thus far. Y’all need to recruit people into this hosting kicking and screaming if you have to. The setup with the new server environment and W3 Total Cache is almost unbelievable. In fact, I’d say it’s “shocking.

– Synthesis customer Anthony Gilbert,

Why would a publisher paying a premium for managed WordPress hosting be “blown away” or “shocked” by sub-1.00 second load times?

Two reasons:

1.Bad hosting – and there is a lot of it out there – has lowered your expectations for what a web host should be and deliver.

2.The ubiquity of buzz terms like “CDN” and “the cloud” has coerced you into believing optimal performance is not possible without them.

Expectations for hosting providers need to change …

  • What should your host be providing?
  • What constitutes a clean, efficient origin?
  • When and where should you be caching? (And when and where should you not?)
  • Can data take the guesswork out of performance tuning?
  • Do CDNs actually deliver on their promises?

Some of these questions and others are surely swirling in your head right now.

We have answers.

“The Truth About WordPress Performance: Why You May Not Need What You’re Being Sold”

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