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BlogWorld Expo Visit the website

Since 2007, BlogWorld has provided the premier blogging event on the planet, with two yearly conferences that target new media content creators, influencers, and vendors. BlogWorld’s WordPress-based site serves as the organization’s primary information hub for attendees, as well as providing the focal point for a year-round community.

In 2011, the site began experiencing performance issues during critical pre-event traffic. The decision was made to migrate the site to Synthesis to capture some much-needed peace of mind during this twice-yearly crunch time. The Synthesis team began a migration at 5PM on a Friday evening and BlogWorld’s development team began testing two hours later. The site went live the very next morning, just days away from the BlogWorld Los Angeles show.

The site makes heavy use of images on the home page, and at over 2MB in size, it took over 15 seconds to load on the previous dedicated server. After moving to Synthesis, the initial site connection dropped to under 20 milliseconds, the “above the fold” content and images arrive in 1.2 seconds, and each of the 140 objects that comprise the home page fully load in under 3 seconds. There is no CDN or any other acceleration technology outside of the Synthesis servers involved.

Initial site connection20miliseconds
Above the fold content1.2seconds

GeekBeat.TV Visit the website

Cali Lewis has been producing a daily tech news show for 6 years, but the new-and-even-better GeekBeat was officially launched in the summer of 2010, thanks to a vibrant partnership with John Pozadzides, founder of Woopra and

The GeekBeat show is distributed online in pre-recorded formats via Revision3, and also syndicated nationally on cable TV by the Youtoo network. Geek Beat served nearly 20 million online video views in 2011, and continues to grow at an amazing rate.

As GeekBeat viewership and social media surges grew, the site began to experience downtime with the dedicated server they relied on. In 2011, GeekBeat chose to convert the site’s design to one based on the Genesis framework and re-launch the new site on our Synthesis WordPress hosting. As a result, the site’s load time was reduced from 7.5 seconds to 1.4 seconds and it survived (and thrived) throughout the 2012 Consumer Electronic Show and MacWorld without a single moment of downtime.

Website load time reduced from7.5seconds
to1.4seconds Visit the website

Lindsey Riel is a Military wife and a mother. She knows how to how to deal with unpredictability. She embraces it. But when it comes to running her online design business, Riel cannot tolerate unpredictability. That’s why she switched to Synthesis.

“With my previous hosting company, my site would load normally at times, then other times it would be so slow I couldn’t even work,” Riel explained. “Working from home with two small kids, when I have a minute to work I need to know that my site will be up and running.”

Riel moved her site to Synthesis in January of 2011. The benefits were immediate. Traffic jumped. Search traffic alone rose 70% during the first three months on Synthesis, and traffic overall rose 53%. In addition, Riel experienced Synthesis’ dedication to customer service first hand.

“You always feel like you’re getting preferential treatment because the support team always provides such excellent service,” said Riel. “I had a faulty plugin update once, and the Synthesis team patiently walked me through downgrading back to a working version so I could continue to use the plugin.”

So how does Synthesis compare to other hosting companies Riel has used?

“The best comparison I can make is Apple computer versus Acer. You get what you pay for. When your livelihood depends on something, you spend a little more to ensure it’s in the proper hands.”