5 Links To Make Your WordPress Website Even More Awesome

Welcome to another edition of the Synthesis Friday Links, your favorite resource for productive pre-weekend procrastination!

Actually, it’s not really procrastination (at least not in the pejorative sense) if you’re learning how to make your website better. So proceed and read without guilt!

(Or if you don’t feel like reading, hop over and check out the new Minimum Theme from StudioPress. It’s beautifully minimal.)

Here are five links to help you make your WordPress website even more awesome than it is already:

  1. How to Build a Lean but Effective Content Marketing Team
    Eric Enge provides 9 tips on how to build a lean content marketing team in a way that might just make the size of the task a lot more manageable.
  2. An Introduction to Media Queries
    Brian Gardner provides a number of useful code snippets for those of you looking to make your websites more responsible for a variety of devices.
  3. 12 Lessons from 4 Inspiring Local Business Blogs
    Darren Rowse lays out three lessons each from four stories of local business blogs that found success.
  4. 31.03% Increase in Sales by Tweaking the Call-to-action Copy on a Payment Page
    That sounds like a pretty tasty improvement, huh? Michael Aagaard explains exactly how it was attained, and perhaps the methodology can help you too.
  5. Video SEO for WordPress Just Became Really Easy
    Yoast’s Video SEO plugin has been getting a lot of positive pub, and we’ve recommended it to a number of you in the Help Desk. This post explains why.

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  1. Thanks for the tip! As someone who does SEO and uses WordPress to edit our website this article was a great help. Thanks!

  2. HI, we just launched our site on Genesis / Agent Press. Take a look. http://www.rachelezra.com. This article and all the other resources are great! I need a theme for an art gallery, my next project and a yoga stuido, next, next project. Do you have any ideas?

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