WordPress Hosting Demystified

This Free Seminar Reveals Critical WordPress
Hosting Issues You Need to Know About
(And Tells You How to Optimize Your
Site for Peak Performance and Security)

Tony Clark
COO, Copyblogger Media
Derick Shaefer
Director of Synthesis Operations, Copyblogger Media

Web publishing drives your business.

Every minute your site is down, you’re not making sales or building your audience.

Every time a database error pops up, you’re taken away from your focus.

Every moment spent worrying about a nasty malware attack, you’re not driving your business.

These are common issues we all face as online publishers, large or small.

If you’ve ever had hosting issues — issues that affect your business and productivity — you’ll appreciate the useful discussion in this free, no opt-in required audio seminar titled WordPress Hosting Demystified.

In this 35-minute audio seminar, Tony Clark and Derick Shaefer discuss:

  • How a site owner should handle his/her hosting needs
  • The good and the bad in differing types of hosting options
  • Why WordPress is usually NOT the problem in a bad hosting situation
  • What is “the Cloud” and what does it mean for WordPress hosting?
  • How Synthesis does hosting differently

Ready to Get Serious WordPress Hosting?


You may have heard that we now offer high-quality, completely managed WordPress hosting.

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Why bring another hosting option into the world?

The short version is… the serious WordPress online publishing community has been asking for it.

If you run a WordPress website, you should expect (at least) three basic promises from the hosting service you pay every month:

  • Round-the-clock PERFORMANCE, even under unpredictable traffic pressure (like a tweet from a big-name blogger)
  • Rock-solid SECURITY in the face of hackers, malware, and more
  • Real EXPERTISE from professionals who’ve seen and dealt with it all

That’s what we do at Synthesis, and much more.

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