Is Your Technology Service Provider
Making Your Life Better?

There are two types of technology providers: those whose primary goal is to upsell you, and those who simply want to make your life better.

Whether it be a software product, a gadget, a hosting provider, or anything in between, it’s important to identify one type from the other.

Let us be clear about what our goal is here at Synthesis Managed WordPress Hosting: we want to make the lives of our customers better.

You’ve visited websites — certain domain registrars that offer generic hosting come to mind — that flood every checkout page with endless upsell calls to action.

Not us.

You’ve been inundated with messages about the newest versions of software programs, many of which are improved only marginally.

Not us.

You’ve heard of “planned obsolescence,” wherein products or services become strategically outdated.

Not us.

Sometimes the goal is to strongly suggest that the people who’ve come to count on your product or service need to pay more and more and more.

Not us.

Our objective is to charge you the fair amount you should pay for a premium service and then perpetually add more value to the service.

And to prove it we’re about to roll out the first of many exciting new releases.

New Feature Releases

Since Synthesis launched, our goal has been to keep building, keep improving, keep adding value for our current and future customers.

There are a number of feature capabilities that we built into our platform that we’ve not been able to release yet. Our excitement to deliver them to you has not subsided though.

These features will be rolled out in the coming months in a series of new releases.

The best part about these new releases? For our current customers they cost zero. Nada. They’re built-in features that simply make Synthesis better.

This new sequence of releases will be named after famous mathematicians, the first in honor of one of the most well known sequences in all of mathematics …

The Fibonacci Release

“Why is my site doing X?”

”What was going on with my site when X happened?”

These questions, and myriad others like them, pop into our help desk all day long. We are, of course, always happy to answer them.

Some of you are happy to let us answer them because the thought of checking an error log is about as exciting as mowing the lawn in August.

Others of you, though, want empowerment. And you want that empowerment to be user friendly.

Nobody wants to learn grep, zgrep, and the nuances of Linux logs. (And frankly — speaking here as a Synthesis customer, as well as our Chief Writer — neither do I!) That’s why we’re going to package up the error log information that is important to you, ship it out to a cloud aggregator, and then allow you to login and easily see what errors and issues you’re having with your site.

That’s not all.

Another addition in the Fibonacci release has to do with security.

Many of our new customers come to us seeking a safe haven from security issues and hacking nightmares. Many of these clients have fresh or lingering wounds from the latest hacking disaster that disrupted their businesses.

We want these customers — and all customers — to have peace of mind.

To achieve this, we have enabled low-level abilities in our file systems to improve our migration process, especially when it involves a previously hacked site.

If you bring over a site infected with malware, we’ll walk you through what the options are beyond just cleaning it. We want you to be aware of who is in your site and how to prevent them from ever returning.

These additions are just the first step.

We have the Thales Release and the Apollonius Release on the way as well. And you can bet that both will have serious security components, because almost nothing’s as important in website hosting as constantly improving security.

What Are You Signing Up For?

When it comes to technology, this is a pivotal question to answer for yourself.

By aligning with the right providers, you can rest assured that you are signing up for innovation and increasing value as opposed to perpetual pressure and additional expenditures.

With Synthesis, you’re signing up for WordPress hosting innovation, specifically regarding performance, security, and expertise.

The Fibonacci Release will be the next step towards that objective, and we’re excited to give you more value for every dollar in your website hosting budget.

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