Caching and Synthesis Managed WordPress Hosting




Proper website caching has always been at the heart of performance and scalability in high-performance computing.

With many good options, the Synthesis team thought long and hard about how we would approach caching when we developed our hosting services.

For instance, there was server-side software, or existing frameworks designed to leverage WordPress core caching.

In the end — after much research — we chose the W3 Total Cache framework by W3 EDGE. This framework fulfilled our requirements for versatility, simplicity, stability, and performance.

Though Synthesis will support and implement a variety of other caching plugins and solutions, we favor W3 Total Cache because:


Its designers truly understand how to make a mainstream WordPress caching solution that has the flexibility to work with technologies such as NGINX, Varnish, Content Delivery Networks, and opcode pre-compilers


The W3 EDGE team is committed to continually evolving their framework


W3TC makes it very easy to create profiles that are optimized for the Genesis Design Framework for WordPress and other major platforms

Like any smart company, we strategically manage our resources to benefit our customers.

We’ve made a long-term decision to use the W3 Total Cache framework so that we can continue to develop and deliver the performance, security, and expertise you expect from your hosting.

Take a look at the synergy of W3 Total Cache and Synthesis Managed Hosting

on a live customer site built on the Genesis Framework.

High Google Page Speed score and lightning fast page load time brought to you by Synthesis Managed WordPress Hosting