5 Links To Help You Grow Your WordPress Site

Happy Friday everyone!

Before we get to some links that will make you better at WordPress, here is an essential link that will make you, me, and everyone else better at the Internet…and the Internet better for everyone. It’s essential reading from Sonia Simone: The Civility Manifesto: A Call to Action.

And now five links to help you grow your WordPress website:

  1. Research Ain’t Easy (But it’s Necessary)
    In this case, we’re talking about keyword research…and so much more. Beth Hayden reminds us why research is so essential for anyone using WordPress to market content online.
  2. A Rant on Typography and Spacing
    Think issues like typography and spacing are secondary when it comes to your website? Think again. Brian Gardner takes a sledgehammer to such foolish notions!
  3. What is a WordPress Theme Framework? Pros, Cons, and More
    We’ve received many questions in the help desk about what theme frameworks are and what the benefits are of using them. This post provides the answers.
  4. Want a 150% Boost in Traffic? Then Use This Idiot-Proof Guide to Google Authorship Markup
    Who doesn’t want a 150% increase in traffic? Use this guide to help Google help you.
  5. Why Your Blog Is Going Nowhere (and the Truth about Getting Traffic)
    This is not WordPress-specific, but it does apply to anyone who creates content online…and if you’re here, that probably means you!

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  1. Hi Jerod
    Read most of those but not…

    “Want a 150% Boost in Traffic? Then Use This Idiot-Proof Guide to Google Authorship Markup”

    Now that does look interesting.

    Appreciate the links.

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